How Echo works

Superior water starts with superior technology

Echo Water uses Ireland’s very best on-site water filtration system. On-site means that it comes from the mains, eliminating the need for bottled water packaging, water miles and bulky storage and labour costs.

As the water is poured, it is filtered no less than three times, while UV protection removes any remaining contaminates.

Echo Water Filtration System

A 5 micron sediment filter, removes large dirt particles for a clean and clear flow. This conditions the water so we can start to purify it
A .5 micron activated carbon block filter extracts smaller debris. The filter removes chlorine, metals, germs and any odours to create our distinctive and consistent Echo Water taste
A .3 micron absolute filter acts as a ‘super trap’ or medical level filter removing any remaining contaminants and ensuring water that is microbiologically pure


Lastly, added UV protection eliminates 99.9% of any remaining contaminants.

Better technology means better texture and taste. Sparkling is created using a unique pumping technique and absolutely no added salt or chemicals.

The end result?
Smaller, softer and more palatable bubbles. Like with our wonderfully simple and pure Still water, customers notice the taste difference – and they love it.

Simply put, Echo Water is the fresh solution that works for everybody.


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