Echo Water are proud to call some of the best hotels, restaurants, bars and cafés in Ireland ‘customers’ – here’s just a few of them, and what they have to say about us


Our customers love Echo Water but don’t just take our word for it

“Echo Water are the 1st company who have truly gotten this concept correct.  The customer facing tap is a revolution in in-house filtered water, not to mention the financial savings, tasteful design and green appeal.”

Joanne Dillon

General Manager, Hilton Kilmainham


“Echo Water has been a success from the day we began. Our customers appreciate the fantastic taste and great value, while it has created a brand new revenue stream we never expected to have”

Dominic O Morain

Lough Inagh Lodge


“We use Echo Water as it is a quality offering for our guest, while also being environmentally friendly and  reducing labour and refrigeration costs. We have also found that our customers are quite happy to pay for this superior product, helping us to make a sale where none had been thought possible before”

John Melia

House, Dublin




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