Why Echo?

Have you ever added up the true cost of ‘free’ tap water?
Not only does it mean a lost sale – it also costs labour

Echo Water provides clients the opportunity to recover from ‘free’ tap water costs by offering superior still or sparkling water to their customers. With every serving of ‘free’ tap water you may be losing a beverage sale, it might not always be a water sale but a soft drink, tea, coffee etc.

Echo Water

Remember – ‘free’ costs You!

  • Water Charges/Rates
  • Labour Costs
  • Refrigeration & Storage costs

The average restaurant will give away approximately 20,000 + litres of free water per annum accumulating to a substantial cost to the business.

Echo Water offers you, the business owner a quality alternative that you can sell at a fraction of the cost of bottled water while offering unrivalled taste & quality.

The new consumer has woken up to the importance of water quality. Health conscious, water which stagnates on shelves no longer appeals, but recent scares and controversies mean they have also lost faith in local water supplies. They are open to a healthy, fresh, affordable alternative.

Unlike bottled mineral water, with Echo Water there is NO:

  • Packaging
  • Water Miles
  • Storage
  • Shelf Space
  • Refrigeration.

Echo Water glass bottles are re-usable. There is no waste disposal or recycling because there is no waste!

Simply put, Echo Water is the fresh solution that works for everybody.

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