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Back Counter System

Compact yet capable, this filtered water system with portion control is a perfect fit wherever space is at a premium: in Hotels, Offices, Restaurants, Venues and Self-Service Stations.

  • High volume output
  • Programmable portion control—2 volumes
  • Chilled Still and Sparkling water
  • UV filtration for added protection
Back Counter Top

Front Counter System

Sleek and gracious yet comes with high functionality, dispensing chilled still and sparkling water for bar/restaurant, multi-users or at self-service stations; wherever a high volume of people need a high volume of water. A choice of tower to suit your environment

  • High volume output
  • Chilled still and sparkling water
  • Ambient option (on Atlantic tower)
Front Counter Top

Fresh Fruit & Herb Infuser

How to improve on the very purest, cool clear water? We chose to add the freshest flavours of nature. Our specially designed infused filtered water system adds just the right amount of fruit and herbal essence to create a delicately flavoured water that is light, refreshing and beautiful. This infuser makes for a memorable sensory treat in reception, dining or canteen spaces; wherever you greet and cater for clients, guests and your own people

  • Triple filtered still water
  • Automatic refill
  • Multiple dispensers
  • Self-pour chilled
Fresh Fruit & Herb Infuser

Hot & Cold System

All you see is one sleek counter top solution, providing chilled still and sparkling and boiled water. Underneath the counter, a cooler-compressor and a separate boiler unit neatly fit. This tap is a stylish and clever addition to canteens, refreshment stations and office kitchens.

  • Multi-functional Touch Screen Tap filtered water system
  • Chilled still and sparkling water
  • Boiling Water
Airone Tap

Fruit Juice System

Efficient, well designed and practical our commercial juice dispenser is suited to any work place. Compact in size, and easy to clean this system offers up to 3 different drink options while providing a longer lasting service.

  • Push button dispense
  • 3 drink selections
  • Poured chilled
  • Reduced packaging
Fruit Juice System

Purity Compact Counter System

Inspired by nature, economy of resources is one of our guiding principles. The Purity is our newest solution for the most economical of spaces. Efficient in design and function, it fits sleekly into offices, meeting rooms and kitchens.

  • Chilled still and sparkling water
  • Touch screen
  • 75 Litres / Hr
  • Individual Cup/Glass servings
  • Free standing cabinet available (additional cost)
The Purity Compact Counter System

Pacific Compact Tower System

Stylish yet understated in appearance and space requirements the compact tower system is ideal for intimate Bistro’s or bustling Café’s. Not to be underestimated due to its reduced size , the compact system offers the same premium still and sparkling water as the other Echo systems, but for a smaller audience

  • Medium volume output
  • Chilled still and sparkling water
  • Branding badges available for the taps
Pacific Compact Tower System