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    Echo Water 375ml Bottle

    Echo Water 375 ml Bottle

    The perfect solution for offering single portions to customers.

    In line with the new Public Health Advice for re-opening Hotels & Restaurants our 375 ml bottle ensures shared touch points are eliminated.

    Suitable for:
    • Meeting Rooms
    • Banquetting
    • Bedrooms

    Forget water miles and plastic waste. Forget costly labour, storage, disposal and returns.

    All over the world, people are saying NO to plastic and looking for alternatives. We triple filter straight from your tap to bring you water that is safe, delicious and pure. Make significant savings, enjoy 24/7 support and help save our wonderful world.

    Who’s using Echo Water?

    Bars & Restaurants

    Bar & Restaurant

    Generate New Revenue Stream, Save Money, Save Time & Space, Reduce Waste.



    Significant Savings – €1000’s per year, Reduce Waste, Save Time and Space, Serve Water Beautifully.

    Bars & Restaurants


    A more Sustainable Product, Save Money, Reduce Waste, Reduce Carbon Footprint.


    Why Choose Echo?

    QUALITY – Our advanced filtration system filters the water no fewer than 3 times removing metals, germs, odours and other contaminants. The result is a uniquely pure product of superior quality.

    TASTE – As a result of  superior filtration our still water is fresh, crisp and cool and our sparkling water, with its smaller gentler bubble, rivals any premium brand on the market.

    VALUE – A superior product at an affordable price. Significant savings vs traditional bottled water and revenue opportunities through sales ensures financial benefits for all users of our systems.

    GREEN APPEAL – No water miles, no single use plastic, no waste disposal. Echo is a product with a significantly lower carbon footprint than bottled waters – we are sustainable.