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Water always flows the simplest, most economical path.

Echo follows the logic of water.

Launched in 2014, Echo Water is an Irish company offering a comprehensive range of premium water filtration systems to the Hospitality and Corporate markets catering for companies of all sizes

Although a young company, Echo Water has established a unique foothold with not just prestigious and influential customers but forerunners in setting business trends in the market

Modelling our offering on nature, Echo brings economies – of costs, of time and energy – to your operation, while potentially releasing a new revenue stream, for a product that people really want and enjoy.

More recently people have woken up to the need to protect our world. A zero-waste movement has been born. We appeal now not just to our original hospitality market but also to leading corporations who care. Everyone wants pure and delicious water that is sustainable.

So, how does Echo Water work?

Echo Water’s ultra-filtration system is specifically designed to remove contaminants found in drinking water. Filtering the water no fewer than 3 times our advanced technology removes metals, odours, chlorine, germs and other bacteria resulting in fresh, pure water of superior quality


Stage 1

A 5 micron sediment filter, removes large dirt particles for a clean and clear flow. This conditions the water so we can start to purify it.


Stage 2

A .5 micron activated carbon block filter extracts smaller debris, removing chlorine, metals, germs and any odours to create our distinctive and consistent Echo Water taste.


Stage 3

A .3 micron absolute filter acts as a ‘super trap’ or medical level filter removing any remaining contaminants and ensuring water that is microbiologically pure.